Adventures with my Family
 “One way to get the most out of life, is to look upon it as an adventure”.
                                                                                                                      William Feather



The idea behind this venture was to try out new adventures ‘with my family’. Just like everyone else at the moment, money is an issue, so we wanted to learn more about family activities and outings that you could do for free or very cheaply. This is how we have got on

It was suggested by one of our followers that we try Geocaching. It was something that I had hear of but hadn’t  really looked into. So first thing I had


Kite Making

Challenge number 2 is to fly a kite and although we do actually own shop bought kites (still in their wrappers!), we thought that it might be more of an

Adventure No 3 - Kite Flying

Today  was the day to test the kites! We decided to give them a ‘proper’ test and went to Tentsmuir Forest and beach in Fife. An absolutely magnificent

Play Park

OK before you cry 'cop out!' allow me to plead my case. Play parks for me have become the easy option, but I tend to just go to the one nearest my

Inventing a Recipe

Two weeks ahead of my mums 75th birthday my sister and brother-in-law have come up and today we went out en masse for lunch. It was on our

Pond Dipping

A former aquatic biologist it occurred to me yesterday that I had never taken the children pond dipping. Quite an oversight when you consider the .

Train Trip

One of our Facebook followers let us know that train travel for kids on Scotrail is free during off peak times. So we chose Good Friday to give it a try. Our

Fossil Hunting & Rockpools

Following on from our 'fossil hunting' at The Museum of Scotland yesterday we decided to try the real thing. Crail is a small seaside town in Fife and is as

Sculpture Trail

Today’s adventure took us to Moncreiffe Hill near Perth. It is very close to the M90 but we spent twenty minutes actually found the place! We followed the

Spring Fair

To have an adventure doesn’t mean that you have to pack up the car and go on a journey to a destination far,   far    away.    Take   today’s    adventure    for

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T'G' loves apples and he also loves smoothies, the other day he asked if we could combine his two food loves and create an apple smoothie.

May the 4th Be with You

This adventure is, I admit, somewhat commercial. However, it was something the boys (both big and small) were interested in and it was free.

Rob Roy’s Bathtub

Sometimes you stumble across a photo of a place so magical that you just have to go and discover it for yourself. The Falls of Falloch are one such place.

Away with the Fairies

If you go down to the woods will see tea cups, fairies, elves, tea parties, men sporting tails and trapeze artists - all in pursuit of jigsaw pieces!

Festival of Museums

The Saturday Science Experiment proved to be a day of slime, squid, explosions, dinosaur dung, elephant toothpaste and...erm....sun spots!

Homemade Fossils

Since our visit to Crail we have been very excited about fossils in our house. So much so that we decided to create some of our own!

Playgroup Open Day

This week is National Volunteers’ Week, so it was very appropriate that today’s adventure took us to T’s Playgroup’s Open Day. Without volunteers it wouldn’t

DNA Extraction

I volunteer as a STEM Ambassador and regularly visit schools to demonstrate, enthuse, support the delivery of science. Tomorrow I will be visiting a local

Paper Chromatography

Today I visited a local primary school in my capacity as a STEM Ambassador to support their topic on water. We became forensics scientists and solved a

Crime - using water!!

Press Flowers Fast

When I was a kid I had a flower press; it was a hobby that certainly taught the virtue of patience but it didn’t really cut it as an adventure. Today’s pressed flower picture changed all that we zapped them

Camphill Cycle Safari

Today’s adventure took us face to face with giraffes, buffalo and ostriches and and we didn't have to venture too far a field to accomplish it.

Village Gala

I think that the village gala is a tradition that all community members should support. If you are a community group you should take an active part in it.

‘Risky’ Play - Tools

One of my friends needed some photos of kids using tools for a workshop she is delivering in August linked to 'Risky' Play. So we decided to meet in the


Today our adventure was one which I have been very keen to do with my kids - crabbing! Fishing with a hand line from the harbour is a family tradition and a

Queen’s Baton Relay

This morning saw us getting up bright and early to seek out the Queen's Baton relay as part of the run up to the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014.